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Awesome blog Jordan and a really dunlky cool first piece too! I'd love to try that technique.

Linda Caudle

What a delightful blog on creating your first pieces. Excellent design and love your pieces......well done.

Karen Eaton

Great blog Jordan! Keep at it and can't wait to see what road your creativity takes you!

Jann Tague

Jordan .. Great blog .. and I love your first design .. You have the best instructor + she's your Mom .. how lucky are you :-)

Jennifer Merrill Williams

Historic piece signed by Jordan and B'Sue! Automatic collectible! 😃. So good to see you jumping in to take on the creative challenge!


Wonderful blog and nice necklace!

Beth Trubman

Enjoyed reading your blog Jordan, and looking forward to working with you in the class. Great necklace and earrings!!!!


Very nice blog Jordan, I love how you shared your journey with us as you designed your piece. Can't wait to see what other great ideas you have to share with us. :D

Alison Huie

Great job, Jordan

Catherine S.

Awesome pieces, Jordan!! Now you can make a guy's bracelet just like this! ;)
Catherine S.

mocki rangne

Well how about that Jordan, you've got a second career going! You did really well, the pieces are awesome and the fun part is that I watch "Route 66" several times a week on Cozi TV (I'm watching Perry Mason now, on ME, I like the old shows, can you tell!? LOL)

Lynda O'Mara

Good job, Jordan! Thanks for sharing with us. You set looks great and I enjoyed your story behind it.

Sue Shade

Off to a great start Jordan. I am looking forward to seeing your journey.

Carole Carlson

Jordan, great job on your first piece. I love how you made it meaningful as well as interesting to look at. I think it's great that you jumped right into torch work - trial by fire (I couldn't resist).

Alexandra Sefton

Wow! This is an AMAZINGLY piece! Loved seeing all the pix and reading your thoughts. Another famous artist hard at work! You rock Jordan!!

Nike Bottalico

Awesome piece & blog Jordan! Way to go!

Shari Gardner

Great job.

Elisabeth Wilks

Great job Jordan! It was a very clear and concise walk through of how you made your piece. I liked all the pics too.

Susan Bowerman

Great post, Jordan. I love the "back story." Looking forward to more posts and sharing this journey with you.

Rosa Lee Jensen

What an awesome blog and great pics and descriptions. The piece is outstanding. Great Job Jordan!!!!!

Nike Bottalico

super cool Jordan!

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